Monday, September 26, 2016

OFF! is set for mini West Coast tour

OFF! in Seattle. (Cat Rose photos)

Get ready — OFF! is hitting a handful of West Coast venues in November with Plague Vendor.

Here’s what some folks (including a FLAG singer guy) have said about the band on our blog:

Ian MacKaye:
“Keith and Steve are serious veterans, and they were sort of the architects of that form with Red Cross and Circle Jerks, and the other guys are clearly -- Dmitri and Mario -- they're just great players. I think in terms of the form, I think they present it really, really well.

"A friend of mine once called them re-enactors, but it can still be really effective. I also believe that Keith, he's the real deal-- he's just not a bullshitter. And they've gone out and done the work-- they go and throw down pretty hard.”

Keith Morris:
“We're nothing more than a folk band. When you boil all of the flesh and the meat, the muscle and the skin off of the bones. When you're listening to OFF!, we're nothing more than a protest band, we're just a folk band -- but we're loud, we're obnoxious, we're in your face and we're angry about it.”

There’s Something Hard in There:
“OFF! is one of the most crucial bands out there nowadays.
They're a foursome unleashed with Ramones-Minor Threat ferocity and Minutemen-length songs. They're dynamic, passionate and humorous … what more could you wish for?”


Nov. 9 @ Slim’s, San Francisco
Nov. 10 @ The Ritz, San Jose
Nov. 11 @ Sweet Springs Saloon, Los Osos
Nov. 12 @ The Garage, Ventura
Nov. 15 @ The Boardwalk, Orangevale
Nov. 17 @ El Corazon, Seattle
Nov. 18 @ The Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver BC
Nov. 19 @ Hawthorne Theatre Lounge, Portland

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