Monday, August 27, 2018

FEAR of life, featuring CH3 and The Lucky Boys

FEAR, top, and CH3 in Seattle. (All Cat Rose photos)

Andy, text; Cat Rose, photos

Well, there’s a first time for everything in punk rock. And I’m not talking about your initial out-of-control stage dive (bounce off a guy’s shoulder and smash into the ground) or feeble attempt at partaking in some slam dancing (stand on the perimeter and push a few skankers a bit).

We’re jawing about finally witnessing FEAR and CH3 on the same bill.

When my brother, Ed, and I and our hardcore comrades attended SoCal gigs in the early ‘80s, we watched the rowdy gents in FEAR and CH3 copious times at haunts like the Cuckoo’s Nest, Devonshire Downs, The Barn at Alpine Village and more. However, we never saw the duo unleash their tunes on the same evening.

That all changed last Saturday night.

This time, it was my little sister, Kristin, on the attendance docket along with Cat Rose with her camera and tons of other friends slotted up front watching the two SoCal stalwarts perform at The Showbox in Seattle alongside local favorites, The Lucky Boys. What a powerhouse triple bill.

Ringleaders Lee Ving from FEAR and Mike Magrann from CH3 were just as vibrant as they were in the days of yore as they guided their groups through all their “hits” from whence they got all the money. (LOL).

Big-time thanks to the CH3 and FEAR guys and stellar old-school LA photographer Alison Braun, who was back behind the lens on Saturday, for helping us secure a photo pass to bring you these images.





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