Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lorna Doom, Bass Player for the Germs, has Left the Stage

Lorna Doom of the Germs. (Photo by Elise Thompson)

This article was originally posted in the Los Angeles Beat on Jan. 16. 

By Elise Thompson

On Jan. 16, it was announced on several Facebook posts, including that of Germs drummer Don Bolles, that Germs bassist Lorna Doom, 60, “left this mortal coil today around 1.” Born Teresa Ryan in 1958, Doom passed away after a short illness. Out of all of the women I have ever known, there was none punker than Lorna. The Germs formed in 1976, and although they had a relatively short run they left their mark as one of the very first punk bands in LA. It’s hard to believe she was only seven years older than I am. That seven years meant everything when it comes to punk rock. The Germs were the vanguard.

The band was featured heavily in the “Decline of Western Civilization,” and a biographical film came out in 2007, “What we do is Secret,” starring Shane West. They reformed the Germs for a short time with Shane West singing. I attended their movie-opening after party where the re-formed Germs first played, and Lorna was as punk as ever. I couldn’t handle the intense slam pit and climbed onto the corner of the stage to shoot. As I was busy taking pictures, I felt a nudge. Then another nudge. There was definitely a toe poking me in the behind. I looked up to see Lorna smiling at me charmingly. She gently kicked me again, still smiling. It was very clear that she didn’t care who I was or what I was doing there. I needed to get my ass off her stage and back into the pit where I belonged.

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