Friday, January 25, 2019

Nasalrod, Victims Family and Nudity invade McCoy's in Olympia

Nasalrod. (All Cat Rose photos)

By Andy

Get in there just far enough to feel it, but stand back a hair if you want to keep your teeth intact.

When Portland’s Nasalrod revved up its noisy and riveting, all-genres-on-board tunes for the people at McCoy’s Tavern in Olympia on Jan. 19, you had to keep your eyes peeled for the leaping and leg-swinging Chairman on vocals. That guy’s ready to unload some mayhem at any second… on second thought, maybe it would be good to get a kick to the face -- just enough to prove you were there and snag a souvenir bruise for the road. Take one for the fucking team, dammit.

So, yeah, Nasalrod tore it up with Mustin Douch on guitar, Spit Stix of FEAR on drums and Mandy Morgan on bass. Get a piece of this crew in the live setting if you can. Hopefully you can survive to tell about it.

And how about Santa Rosa, CA instrument-gougers from long ago, Victims Family? Yes, they are back on the rampage and made some ears bleed in Olympia as well. Not sure what they have planned in the near future, but they should be seen if you want to have your head spun to their “jazzcore” beat. They pummeled through 18 tunes, including "Devon Drool," "Naive Children," "Sir Onslaught," "Asshole with a Microphone," "Mousetrap" and "Nirvana."

Local openers Nudity began the buzz for the evening and got the TSHIT staff set for a solid trifecta. We were already well primed after checking in at our hotel following our trek from Seattle and visiting a few Oly hotspots -- like The Brotherhood Lounge -- en route to the gig.

Here’s some Cat Rose photos from the night:




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