Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Dils and more: Remembering Tony Kinman and William Chobotar through an evening of song

Chip Kinman leads the Dils in Vancouver, BC. (All Cat Rose photos)

Text: Andy; photos: Cat Rose

A heartfelt, memorable evening filled with music and friends that would have made Tony Kinman and William Chobotar (Zippy Pinhead) proud.

For the two men who left us too soon over the past year, musicians and fans attended the tribute gig at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, BC, on April 5. We drove up from Seattle and felt the warmth from the crowd -- and the dynamic music from the Dils, Three O'Clock Train (also playing songs from Kinman's past) and Wasted Strays provided the perfect, moving soundtrack.

Also the Three O'Clock Train's "Cuatro de Los √Āngeles" EP launch, sales proceeds benefit Tony's widow.

Following Wasted Strays' gritty street country, one of There's Something Hard in There's faves the Dils -- a revamped version featuring Chip Kinman and newcomers Giuliano Scarfo and Brian Melendez -- ripped through a set that included "I Hate the Rich," "Class War," "Mr. Big," "Sound of the Rain" and other corkers. Fucking fantastic!

Three O'Clock Train, led by Mack MacKenzie on vocals/guitar, unleashed some of its stellar originals plus songs from Tony n' Chip's bands: Rank and File, Blackbird, Cowboy Nation, the Dils and Ford Madox Ford.

MacKenzie sang his guts out and tapped his heart on several occasions while offering words of praise for Tony and Zippy.

Highlights were Ron Reyes owning the lead vocals on "Sundown" by Rank and File, who were also represented with "Amanda Ruth," "Coyote," "The Conductor Wore Black" and "Lucky Day." Chip, who returned to the stage to play guitar on "Lucky Day" and harmonica on "Coyote," thoroughly enjoyed himself while watching his and Tony's songs come back to life with his friends at the helm. At points, Chip raised his arms and shouted out lyrics while Scarfo and Melendez bobbed their heads, sang and happily banged into each other nearby.

Also stoking the crowd were "How Does Your Horn Sound Today?" by Ford Madox Ford -- stunningly sung by MacKenzie -- and "It's Not Worth It," gladly played for the second time that night. The song found a home on vinyl on the Dils' "Made in Canada" EP -- which Zippy played on originally and on a recent re-recording with Chip and Mary Celeste from the Modernettes (original producer Bob Rock was on board again and a video of that session with tributes to Tony was shown on the big screen). That song never gets old and sticks in your head like no other.

Rest in Power, Tony and Zippy.




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