Saturday, March 26, 2011

Low Land High lands at the Marsbar

Low Land High at Marsbar (Cat Rose Photos)
By Cat Rose
Last night, we finally got to check out our friend Tracy Cilona's band Low Land High (at the Marsbar in Seattle).  It was great to finally catch her working her bass on stage and supplying back-up vocals.  At first listen, they have that easy feeling Eagles vibe.  And I happen to love the Eagles (despite torment on that from many of my punk and rocker friends as I grew up).  On further observance, they also have a Replacements edge and, matched with drummer Dan Reed's Phil Lynott T-shirt, even a Thin Lizzy feel in spots.
Above, left to right, Jones, Cilona, Cline and Reed; Below, Cline sings and strums 
Reed peeks out from behind his kit
Listening to the band -- which also features Chris Cline on vocals/guitar and Ben Jones on pedal steel/guitar -- reminds us of our friends' Bay Area groups like the Careless Hearts and Bellyachers (which we've done prior entries on), so we were fully in the Low Land High zone. Speaking of the Bay Area, Reed also happened to drum for Overwhelming Colorfast, whom we dug watching many times during our stay in that region.
Here's a link to Andy's review of OC's 2010 Seattle gig:

We've known Tracy for awhile now, and she says one of her favorite Seattle memories is hanging out at our place in Wallingford (at one of our after-hours record sessions) listening to Journey (in particular) amongst other '70s rock bands.  And by the way, Andy feels that perhaps a little of Ross Valory's bass stylings (from Journey) have rubbed off on her while gracing the stage with Low Land High...

Cilona at the mic

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