Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Telekinesis power-pop trio kicks out the jams at Seattle's Crocodile

Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis at The Crocodile (Andy photos)

By Andy

After 5 1/2 weeks on tour to support its current album, "12 Desperate Straight Lines," Telekinesis hit the stage at one of its hometown clubs, The Crocodile, in Seattle with a big bass-drum full of pop songs and smiles last night.

With drummer/singer Michael Benjamin Lerner, from nearby Kenmore, situated at the front of the stage and energetic guitarist Cody Votolato and bassist Jason Narducy crowding in close to the band's leader -- they're a powerhouse unit, to say the least -- the throng of fans sung and hopped along to tunes from Telekinesis' two albums.

It was a packed house, and Telekinesis' tunes packed a punch, too. There's mellow and raucous parts, and they blended together well for some Saturday night rock action.

Lerner, who was blown away by the large crowd, dedicated a song to Kenmore and thanked his family and friends for their support. During a musical break in the gig, he asked people if they had any questions: one girl in front shouted out, "Why did you break up with me in fifth grade?" No more questions, Lerner joked, and the music continued.

It was an hour's worth of solid rock from the local boy and crew.
Slide show:
Lerner in a pensive moment

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