Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kill or be killed with the monster that is Black Face

By Andy
Someone mentioned the other day that OFF! has about 33,000-plus more Facebook “likes” than Black Face.
Upon listening to the band’s newly released “I Want to Kill You/Monster” seven-inch on Hydra Head Records, do you think Black Face is counting? The band’s legion of 500 or so will surely grow in time, but the numbers game is not what’s important here, folks.
For their kind, Black Face is -- how bassist Chuck Dukowski would say -- “nice and friendly.” They’re right up in your mug -- hollering and pounding away. That’s a true friend, indeed, someone you’ll never forget and who won’t let you go despite what’s “trending” at the moment.
“You can try to hide, but you won’t get away,” singer Eugene S. Robinson unleashes on “I Want to Kill You” (Side Death), which possesses a nasty, swirling guitar riff from Milo Gonzalez that plays off his dad Dukowski’s creepy bass – a loving father-and-son duo, for sure.
“I enjoy your misery,” Robinson continues, as his voice claws into your neck.
But, with drummer Tom Dobrov steadily keeping the death ride on course (or off?), Black Face gives the listener a halftime break of sorts, decelerating the song … before building it back up again. It keeps sticking you.
And in the end, there’s a warning: “You can’t close the door on me.”
On “Monster” (Side Trip), Dukowski digs in again to a song that appears on SWA’s “Winter” 1989 record.
Like a good friend, he gives this one a second chance—leading in with that spine-tingling bass and adding a demented psychedelic guitar riff and layered fucked-up screams. It’s a slow-breathing song that hits hard at spots, but never gives you a chance to turn away. You’re trapped.
“I need a soul, and I want yours,” Robinson offers on the remake, which isn’t as twisted as the original, but still carves out a chaotic path. “I love you … there’s nobody else in here, but me for you.”
Black Face is waiting for you. Come inside, friends.


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