Thursday, April 5, 2012

Never Lose that Feeling -- Swervedriver rolls into Seattle, leaves crowd dazed and enthused

Swervedriver's Steve George and Adam Franklin. (All Cat Rose photos)
By Cat and Andy

About 25 pedals combined -- for both virtuoso guitarists and bassist.

A minimal drum kit, with the skins man utilizing it to the hilt.

Plenty of soaring, chilling, heavy and mellow tunes from the Swervedriver catalogue.

Yes, it was a solid Wednesday evening in Seattle at Neumo's, and well worth stepping out of the house on a work night.
Jimmy Hartridge
Comprised of original members Adam Franklin (guitar, vocals) and his partner in six-string, fuzzed-out crime Jimmy Hartridge (guitar), along with Steve George (bass) and Mikey Jones (who also drums for Franklin's other band, Bolts of Melody), the Swervies broke out songs like "Last Train to Satansville," "Never Lose that Feeling," "Sandblasted," "Rave Down," "Girl on a Motorbike" and "Duel" (out of 18) at the gig, their seventh on a 10-show US tour.

Mikey Jones, top, George and Franklin.

Local pop-rockers Stag opened, followed by Portland's Hawkeye to set the stage for Swervedriver.

Stag guitarist Ben London and vocalist Steve Mack were especially stoked for this gig. "Wednesday is the new Friday," London cracked.

Mack noted that when he worked in a record store in Camden (London) back in the early '90s, he cranked up Swervedriver's debut album again and again. As we also did back in the day from our rockin' Green House pad in San Jose.

So last night, Franklin and crew blasted away again live in Seattle.

Stag's Pete Nordstrom; and below, in order, Ben London & Steve Mack, Lincoln Barr and Rob Dent.

Franklin has the last word ...

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