Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As the band raged, cops swooped in to break up party

A familiar situation: cop vs. punk. Courtesy photo from funny-people-world.blogspot.com.
By Andy

Back in 1983, a band of high-schoolers, The Boys Club, tore up the local party circuit, playing punk and new-wave cover tunes. (They even played the Our Lady of Guadalupe school hall in Hermosa Beach, Calif., once; a flier for the gig had a drawing of a guy with a pink Mohawk on it, but the band's name was misspelled as The Boix Club.)

Led by vocalist Jim Lindberg of Pennywise and Black Pacific fame, the band also featured my buddy Mike Filce on guitar, among others. I once sang part of the Misfits' "We Are 138" with them at a school talent show in Torrance.

Anyway, one evening, the band played a house party in Hermosa. During their second set, the cops crashed the rager, everyone was booted and a scuffle broke out between some partygoers and the fuzz.

Here's some lyrics I wrote back then about the incident:

"Cops in the Pool"

Men in blue -- got nothing to do
They don't wanna get bored -- so they hassle some youth
Gig that is chosen -- is raging something cool
We feel we're getting screwed -- cops in the pool!

The band is blasting -- piercing leads, plus more
Ears are buzzing -- spewing blood on the floor
Really happening party -- if you're not there, you're a fool
Cops show up -- fuckin' throw 'em in the pool!

[The cops never hit the water, but it was fun imagining it.]

Lindberg, left, and Filce, right, with the band at the school talent show. (BMHS yearbook photo)

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