Sunday, July 15, 2012

A ton of rock at West Seattle Summerfest

Tom Price brings the rock with his band on Saturday in West Seattle. (All Cat Rose photos)
Aaah, West Seattle Summerfest. Three years ago -- Mudhoney. Last year -- the Fastbacks.

This time out, we were stoked to see Alcohol Funnycar, The Tom Price Desert Classic, Pierced Arrows and the DT's. Some rock, soul, pop, surf and punk -- all present.

Check out Saturday's action via Cat Rose's lens:

The DT's:

Singer Diana Young-Blanchard; below, bassist Matt Z and drummer, Mike VanBuskirk.

The Tom Price Desert Classic:

Price with guitarist Don Blackstone.

Blackstone with bassist Joe Kilbourne.

Alcohol Funnycar:

Ben London, top; Tommy Bonehead, center; and Rob Dent.

Pierced Arrows:

Toody Cole, above; Fred Cole, center; and Kelly Halliburton.

In closing ...

Cat suggested these two guys start a slam pit during Alcohol Funnycar --- they did; a two-dude pit.

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