Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to punk-ify a bathroom

Got a plain, half bathroom that you're looking to liven up?

Why not make it a (clean!) punk-club powder room? That's the way we roll here in Seattle.

Here's how to achieve it:

* Get some of your classic fliers of gigs you attended and frame them

* Paint the walls a dark color, like blood red in our case

* Funky mirrors are in order, as well as a flashy, glass-beaded chandelier

* Complement with cool candles and other knick-knacks, maybe even a skull...

And voila! You're set.

Fliers from Los Angeles and San Jose gigs:

Black Flag/Adolescents/DOA/Minutemen, 1981

Circle Jerks/Bad Brains/Circle One/Public Nuisance, 1982

TSOL/Adolescents/Wasted Youth/Social Distortion/Youth Brigade/Blades/AKA, 1982

Dischord Records, 1981 ... $2.50 each for seven-inchers!

45 Grave/China White/Social Distortion, 1981

Misfits, 1982*

Corrosion of Conformity, Hirax, Beowulf, 1985

Black Flag/45 Grave/DOA/Descendents/Husker Du/UXB, 1982

Sorex/Detonators, 1984 (Cat made Andy put up this gig notice of his band, Sorex)

Adz/Electric Frankenstein/Curbside, mid-'90s

*Didn't attend, but Andy saw them the night before

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