Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bands get heavy, crowd gets buzzed at Tacoma Craft Beer Festival

Mahnhammer. (All Andy photos)

By Andy

Mahnhammer blew the PA.

Yes, the Tacoma metalists are heavy.

During the break, while the sound crew at yesterday's Tacoma Craft Beer Festival scrambled around the infield area of the Cheney Stadium baseball field and nervously plugged cords together and hoped for the best, someone in the crowd uttered the dreaded two words.

From the mouth of the buzzed guzzler: "Hammer Time!"

Red-haired singer Hembree bowed his head, shook it a few times and seemed to reply, "You did NOT just say that, dude."

So, the PA came back to life, Mahnhammer got the attendees drunk with their pounding tuneage and all was well in beerfest land again.

The Plastards

Aside from Cat sampling some tasty brews (I was the designated driver on this day), we appreciated the songs of Mahnhammer, of course, The Plastards (Tacoma old-school punk) and our buddies the South Sound Bureau Chiefs (mighty Seattle-area rock).

South Sound Bureau Chiefs.

Funny moment of the day: Following The Plastards' cover of the Misfits' "Ghouls Night Out," one 1950s greaser-type guy rushed the stage and suggested the band play some Dead Kennedys. Someone behind him cried out for Black Flag (what about FLAG? ha ha) and "Six Pack!"

Sorry, buddy, but the closest you got to that was a refill or 10 of your 5.5-ounce taster glass. Prost!

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  1. I can So See Micah Saying that--But a better response would have been."And You Cant Touch This." sorry couldn't resist as he is my brother and all.